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My abstract paintings are based on details of my buildings and my sculptures.

In the case of the building, a corner view is selected to show the intersection of colors and adjacent shadows. The colors are selected to be representative of the area; the barn red, the white of the village-green, the Cape Cod yellow of New England, and the pale adobe colors of New Mexico. In all cases, the shadows are included to induce the third dimension.

The paintings are generated from my architectural drawings, which have been surveyed to yield visually stimulating compositions. Colored paper maquettes are made to study the proportions and color relationships. From these paper studies, candidates are culled to be enlarged into paintings. A single building may result in several paintings, which depict its diverse features.

Paintings are also generated from my sculptures. The sides are colored to convey a concept and to represent a particular locale. The sculpture becomes a mandrel, or mannequin, onto which the color system is applied.

The materials of the paintings are hardboard, also called Masonite, and flat interior Benjamin Moore latex paint. The sturdiness recalls the construction of the subjects. The painting is held off the wall three quarters of an inch by the wood 'strainer' on the back. This stiffens the one-eighth inch thick hardboard and supports the hanging wire. The fabrication results in a reveal and a natural shadow.

Malcolm Montague Davis


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